Act responsibly, increase your value
The acronym ESG refers to the Environmental, Social and Governance areas.
Why is it on everyone's lips?
Measures the sustainability
Social responsibility scores increase the transparency of a company or an organisation and help avoid partners and suppliers with high financial risk and controversial commercial practices.
Creates value
As pointed out by Research, there is a positive bond between ESG topics and financial performance or value creation. It is an incentive to make our company or organisation reflect the vision of the word we want to live in and contribute to shape and steer the economy toward that direction.

Represents an essential requirement to attract investments
The decision to invest is not only based on the economic performance: the ESG are increasingly becoming requirements, basic values behind grants, as well as quantitative and qualitative objectives to be achieved.
Anticipates a legal obligation
The trend is clear: the responsibility of companies and organisations in terms of sustainable economy is expanding. The European Directive 2022/2464 on Corporate Sustainability Reporting has been in force since January 2023 and Member States have 18 months to adopt this Directive in their national legislations.

How to do it?

The respect and the concrete application of the ESG parameters are by no means taken for granted and can represent a critical aspect for the operations of a company or an organisation.

ESG Smart Academy offers a complete, modular and customisable training programme to become a (truly) sustainable and ESG-compliant company or organisation.
changeINmind  is  our modular plan aimed at raising awareness and acquiring basic skills and tools on ESG. What do you want to start with?

Our strengths:

Modular, flexible and customisable
Certificate of attendance with quality certification UNI EN ISO 9001:2015
Interactive mode with accessible and practical/user-friendly technology
Multidisciplinary trainers with international experience
Concrete application of corporate social responsibility


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