Mental health and Stress management in the workplace


About Course

A flexible training module for companies or organisations willing to increase their staff’s level of psychophysical wellbeing, happiness, sense of belonging and productivity. Through an interactive mode and a virtual reality platform, the course raises awareness of the pivotal issue of mental health in the workplace and offers concrete techniques and strategies for stress management and burnout prevention. Finally, the course leads to the identification of a ‘mental health Ambassador’ within the team to strengthen the approach and guarantee its sustainability.

A unique training for your team’s wellbeing and happiness.

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All types of staff members within a company or organisation, from managers to employees.

Training objectives


  • Stress-provoking factors 
  • Circadian rhythms and dysfunctional habits 
  • Risks and protective factors in the workplace
  • Theoretical models of communication and relationship



  • Stay focus on a specific stimulus 
  • Awareness of one's own and others' needs and ability to respond adequately
  • Ability to listen and communicate effectively
Training units

The course is divided into 5 units: 

  1. Understand our body and our mind
    Evolutionary theories and models to understand the functioning of human body and mind 
  2. Managing stress to avoid burnout
    Practical exercises
  3. Group sharing
    Collection of group’s experience, resources, obstacles, and best practices  
  4. Communicative effectiveness
    Effective communication’s principles and axioms in cooperative relationship 
  5. Improve the workplace
    How to make the workplace a suitable place to develop employees’ wellbeing

2 sessions of 4 hours each, 20 days apart.
Interactive mode with innovative and user-friendly virtual reality technologies. Highest customisation possible. In between the two sections, in-depth materials and 'challenges' will be provided to reinforce the self-reflection and learning process.


Min. 10, max. 20


300 euro/participant up to the 10th participant included
250 euro/participant from the 11th to the 20th participant

Min. 10, max. 20

Nuovo Centro Clinico is an enterprise established in 2021, in Turin. It is a unique and innovative pole in the area, a reference point for mental and physical health care. The Nuovo Centro Climico team gathers several healthcare professionals: psychologists, nutritionists and a medical anthropologist who cooperate and work together combining their expertise to create a place of integrated care for the health and psycho-physical well-being of the individual.


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