Environmental sustainability in Companies and Organisations


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A flexible and dynamic module for companies and organisations to increase their awareness of Environmental Sustainability. A practical and tangible module to make your company/organisation environmentally sustainable and, consequently, more competitive and modern.

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All professionals within a company/organisation, from managers, to HR and employees.

Training objectives


  • Environmental sustainability
  • Environmental impacts (carbon footprint, water footprint)
  • Virtuous examples of sustainable companies


  • Creating a business model that takes Environmental Sustainability into account
  • Assessing the ecological footprint of your company/organisation
  • Assessing Environmental Sustainability of your supply chain.
Training Units
  1. Environmental Sustainability
    Basic knowledge of Environmental Sustainability. Self-assessment for Environmental Sustainability. Calculation of your ecological footprint. Tools for the improvement of your ecological footprint.
  2. A sustainable business model
    How to integrate Environmental Sustainability in your business model.
  3. Virtuous models
    Examples of sustainable models and how to apply them in your company/organisation.

4 sessions of 2,5 hours each.
Interactive mode, use of a digital platform for videocall.


Min. 10 Max. 20

10 hours

Source International is a non-profit organisation operating in the field of Human Rights and environmental protection.
The main purpose of the organisation is providing scientific data and legal knowledge to the communities it works in, with the aim of empowering them in the defence of their rights and territories. Source International also offers trainings in the areas of rights protection, environment, sustainability, and the implementation of citizen and participatory science projects.
In over ten years of activity, Source international has worked in more than 30 countries in partnership with organisations such as the United Nations, the European Union and various university. It also received many awards both in Europe and the United States.


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